Meet Anthony


Anthony is a businessman and thought leader with broad interests and a restless mind. 

He is the founder and co-managing partner of SkyBridge Capital, the global alternative investment manager that invests in hedge funds, digital assets, private equity and real estate. 

In January of 2021 he launched the Skybridge Bitcoin Fund with $310 million in assets under management. 

Recently, he launched FLATTER, a market place for premium NFT art, collectibles and experiences. 

Prior to founding SkyBridge in 2005, he co-founded the investment partnership Oscar Capital Management, which was sold to Neuberger Berman, LLC in 2001. Earlier he was a vice president in Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs & Co.  

Anthony’s first job was as a paper boy for Long Island’s NEWSDAY. And he hasn’t left the media business behind. He currently serves as a CNBC Contributor, he hosts MOOCH FM, a weekly podcast covering business, politics and media, and he’s the best selling author of five books. 

In 2009 Anthony launched the SALT Conference, an international event that brings together thought leaders from business, finance and international politics.  

Anthony is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), vice chair of the Kennedy Center Corporate Fund Board, a board member of both The Brain Tumor Foundation and Business Executives for National Security (BENS), and a Trustee of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Foundation. He was a member of the New York City Financial Services Advisory Committee from 2007 to 2012.   

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Tufts University and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School.

January 2012
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Anthony Scaramucci pointing to the crowd on stage in front of a podium at a conference shared with former U.S. President Bill Clinton
June 2016
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Anthony Scaramucci shaking hands with George W. Bush at SALT conference in front of banner display on stage
August 2017
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Lumio, previously called Foenix, was a social media analytics company that helped brands like Audi, David Jones and Red Balloon source legitimate influencers for social media campaigns.

Professional portrait of Anthony Scaramucci sitting in high back chair in front of a window inside of a mansion
April 2018
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Anthony Scaramucci in the press briefing room in the West Wing of the United States White House speaking to the room with both hand raised
June 2018
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Whilst in Germany, Dan worked with with brands such as Daniel Wellington and BMW - Ja!

Adam worked with clients like Vodafone, TAFE NSW, Adobe and also won the 'Good Design Australia' award for his work on the Seatfrog website.

mooch fm podcast logo
November 2019
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The name "Relume" is born.



To relight or rekindle (a light, flame, etc.)

anthony scaramucci headshot
January 2020
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changebridge hero image
April 2020
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To do this they would have to build a company that would be profitable in its first year. Not the next Uber of *insert clever idea*.

Artistic patriotic portrait of Anthony Scaramucci
June 2020
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Brooklyn Bridge with NYC skyline in background during morning
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